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You can make online payment by going to . Once on the website there will be a gray box that has a drop down tab that says "Make A Payment: Pay HOA Assessment...." Next to that you will select the green "GO" button. 

After you select "GO" it will bring you to the next screen. Here there will be multiple payment options. Please select the orange link that says "Make a payment" under "Pay by eCheck". This will allow you to make direct payments from your checking account. You may also pay by credit card (additional fee).  

After you select "Make a payment" you will need to either register and create an account, or make a "one-time payment". By registering an account you have the ability to set up automatic payments each month. After you create an account you will log in and make a payment.  

If you choose to register for automatic payments, you will be prompted to select an "end date"up to 48 months from your start date. Once the "end date" has arrived, your automatic payments will not continue until you re-instate your payment dates.

The next screen will have multiple boxes. Please fill out your personal information. Once you get to the "New Property" section, please fill it out as follows:

Type: Condominium 

Property Address: Holiday Court / Holiday Lane/ Piermont Ave S. 

Property City: River Vale 

Property State: New Jersey

Property Zip: 07675

Management Company ID: 8053

Association ID: 140

Property Account Number: ___________ (unit number)

You will then be prompted fill out your banking information.

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