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You can make online payment with First Citizens Bank bank by going to Once on the website, you can sign up and enter your information. The next prompt will be to register your property. 


Once you enter your property address, you will need your Management Id which is 8053. Next is your Association Id. You can find this 3 digit code by checking the bottom of your statement. The last code you will need is the Property Account # which can also be found on the bottom of your statement (Your unit number).

The next prompt will be to create a username and password. Please remember to keep the information as if you need to change or edit the amount or update the credit card, you will need to log in. Next, you will have 3 security questions in case you do get locked out of your account. After you set up your account, you will need to log in again.

After your account is successfully created and logged in, you will be able to make a one time payment or schedule payments. Also, you will be able to add a credit card or a checking account to your "wallet". The "wallet" allows you to store more than one payment option for convenience.  Please be advised that credit card payments have a transaction fee. Payments made through a mobile device may also be charged a transaction fee. Follow the instructions for entering your payment information. 


When you are finished with that step, go to the "Properties" tab on the top right and press Make a payment. Here you will be able to schedule frequency, start date, end date, and confirm your amounts.   

If you are experiencing issues with the bank website or your login, please call Customer Service at 866-351-5646.


If you have questions on your amount due or are not sure of your codes, call our office at 201-358-9399. 

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